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Surfing Down South
Author :Aldrian-Moyle, Sue-Lyn
RRP : $45
ISBN: 9780987218094
Published: Saturday, February 1, 2014
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Back in the late 50s- early 60s a group of free spirited, curious and adventurous young city surfers headed south in search of the wild surf in the South-West. Trailblazing, controversial and free spirited, these down south surfers challenged the status quo. This book is about connection to place, dropping out, perseverance and community. Consiquently the pages of this publication are filled with tales of discovery, mateship and antics, offering readers a unique insight into the surf culture and surfing history. Photographs by legendary surf photographers Ric Chan, John Witzig and John Ogden alongside engaging narratives from pioneering surfers such as George Simpson, Ian Cairns, Rob Conneeley and forward by local surfing hero Taj Burrow.
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